Bebot - #iPhone synth app review.

Try to ignore the cheesyness of this sales video and look at the features of this absolutely stunning little app. It doesn’t only look good and cute, it sounds surprisingly good, and, it is extremely intuitive to play. It offers a quite limited synthesis engine, and is four voice polyphonic. It has a basic delay and a no-thrills distortion. The interesting thing is not the sound but the interface, with the scale modes. I just can’t put this lil fella away and I believe I have to use it on stage during¬† my upcoming tour, no matter how ridiculous it will look with a skinny boy covered in medical equipment staring on a iphone.

Absolutely a must-have for any portable musician.


Lucky Frame’s Mujik: #iPhone remixing toy.

Since my accident, I’ve been looking more and more into the iPhone as a musical instrument. I must say, I’ve been quite let down by a lot of the apps in appstore, but some are really awesome. Mujik hasn’t been released yet but surely looks promising. Let’s just hope it’s released soon and that it allows importing your own samples- presets suck on mobile devices too.

Live Autosampler

Time to replace sample robot? I haven’t tried this one out just yet but Sample Robot isn’t exactly lovable in a virtual machine and I’m too lazy to dual boot.

Also; why no updates? I were in a accident (I drove my Vespa 50 into a Volvo) and smashed by knee and my wrist. First surgery was a failure and it’s a bit of a downer with summer and all. Time to get back to actually doing stuff now, mkay?

Broken wrist sadly means annoyingly slow typing + no right-hand synth playing. Good thing they make’m monophonic.

Tonematrix - “Flash tenori-on”


Andre-Michelle ’s Flash application, with a tenori-on like sequencer and a sound engine based on the Audio Tool, is keeping me busy at work right now.¬† Warning, creates gearlust.
Personally, I hate flash and audio- maybe because I never get it to work like I want (and the inability to import *.wav files, i mean, come on!). This is just too beautiful.


STM32 Diy Synth

DIY synth based on the STM32 uController. Wow. 12dB / oct HPF / LPF, 2 oscs / voice, 3 ADSR gens and midi control. “ my first project using uC and DSP”- quite a nice first project. Tutorial please ;) Via Wujek Staszek2008

(oh, and sorry for the lack of updates the last couple of days- too much work)