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Portasound PSS-21

I have a unhealthy relationship to portasounds, or at least that’s what my girlfriend tell me. I kinda nag on her to not bring home more shoes / clothes / candles / books / records and so on, yet it’s totally ok for me to bring home a new (old) Yamaha Portasound each week. The PSS-21 is a -quite boring to be honest- standard PCM (or AWM, advanced wave memory as the clever engineers have written on it) toyish keyboard. Even though the picture above isn’t really related to the PSS-21, it still shows the never-ending happiness that keeps coming out through those small useless speakers.

No analog goodness here, even though I must say some of the drum samples seem to be based on a Roland TR-808 (?).  So- no lowpass filters, no drifting oscillators and no ‘life of its own’. Just pure Lo-Fi toy drum samples- some of them surprisingly punchy. I’ll make a new refill out of this one, but circuit-bent, once I can hold a soldering iron. Remember to n o t drive scooters into cars please, as it is not worth it.

Due to some requests, here’s two different files. #1 is *.wavs in a .zip, #2 is a .rfl. As soon as I get my PC to work I’ll make some *.sfz as well.

# 1 - Zipped *.wav (just the samples) Zip

# 2 - Reason Refill (Two Redrum kits, all the samples) Rfl

EDIT: Removed the more annoying mirror.

STM32 Diy Synth

DIY synth based on the STM32 uController. Wow. 12dB / oct HPF / LPF, 2 oscs / voice, 3 ADSR gens and midi control. “ my first project using uC and DSP”- quite a nice first project. Tutorial please ;) Via Wujek Staszek2008

(oh, and sorry for the lack of updates the last couple of days- too much work)

Sonic Crayon: Hollow Earth Waveshaper

Nice tremolo with recordable lfo movement. He should add a LDR instead of the potentiometer though!

sonic crayon

Vodka Organ

via davidnelson11

Very WTF but very wonderful. Beautiful.

Midibox user project: AY 3-8912

Video via Superclr

The lovely folks over at never stop to amaze me. I’ve been planning to build the Midibox SID for a very long time but never got around to do it. This user project seems wonderful as well.

The AY 3-8912 is a sound chip produced by General Electric, and also produced, with minor modifications, by Yamaha as the YM2149. Why is it so awesome? It’s the chip that was in the Vectrex, in the Atari ST, in the Apple II and in the Sinclair ZX Spectrum, (in the video above). I can recall using trackers on my 1040STfm, and I must say, I love the YM sound as much as the SID sound. I hope to see this project grow, and I really hope to build one.

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