Portasound PSS-21

I have a unhealthy relationship to portasounds, or at least that’s what my girlfriend tell me. I kinda nag on her to not bring home more shoes / clothes / candles / books / records and so on, yet it’s totally ok for me to bring home a new (old) Yamaha Portasound each week. The PSS-21 is a -quite boring to be honest- standard PCM (or AWM, advanced wave memory as the clever engineers have written on it) toyish keyboard. Even though the picture above isn’t really related to the PSS-21, it still shows the never-ending happiness that keeps coming out through those small useless speakers.

No analog goodness here, even though I must say some of the drum samples seem to be based on a Roland TR-808 (?).  So- no lowpass filters, no drifting oscillators and no ‘life of its own’. Just pure Lo-Fi toy drum samples- some of them surprisingly punchy. I’ll make a new refill out of this one, but circuit-bent, once I can hold a soldering iron. Remember to n o t drive scooters into cars please, as it is not worth it.

Due to some requests, here’s two different files. #1 is *.wavs in a .zip, #2 is a .rfl. As soon as I get my PC to work I’ll make some *.sfz as well.

# 1 - Zipped *.wav (just the samples) Zip

# 2 - Reason Refill (Two Redrum kits, all the samples) Rfl

EDIT: Removed the more annoying mirror.

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