Siel MK370 Percussion Refill


The Siel MK370 is one of my odder flea market findings (along with my hubbard e-meter). As a synth junkie I thought I knew almost all models by the big manufacturers, and got quite surprised.Why on earth did Siel, who once made some quite neat synthesizers, sell this preset-only home keyboard with all-analog sound generation way after FM and other (like PCM) instruments had entered the market? And what is that weird serial jack on the back side? Trying to replace the already established MIDI standard, are we? Appearently also manufactured- with a different case, and probably a different PCB layout- as the Antonelli 2381.

It’s noisy, it’s distorting and it’s just odd. But, that’s how I like it. I spent a few hours sampling & looping the analog drum rhythms. 8 different rhythms, five sounds- BD, CH, OH, SD and some kinda rimshot / clave. Hopefully I’ll get around resampling and mapping the voices as well.

File 1 = zip with *.wav, for use with any sampler / sample player

File 2 = Refill with Rex-files and ReDrum-kit for use with Propellerhead Software’s Reason

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2 Responses to “Siel MK370 Percussion Refill”

  1. 1 Don_G

    Super refill!!!

  2. 2 AD

    Beasty refill!!! Luv it, thanks.

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