Midibox user project: AY 3-8912

Video via Superclr

The lovely folks over at http://www.ucapps.de never stop to amaze me. I’ve been planning to build the Midibox SID for a very long time but never got around to do it. This user project seems wonderful as well.

The AY 3-8912 is a sound chip produced by General Electric, and also produced, with minor modifications, by Yamaha as the YM2149. Why is it so awesome? It’s the chip that was in the Vectrex, in the Atari ST, in the Apple II and in the Sinclair ZX Spectrum, (in the video above). I can recall using trackers on my 1040STfm, and I must say, I love the YM sound as much as the SID sound. I hope to see this project grow, and I really hope to build one.

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