Too HT to handle

The HT series casio made back in the 80’s are quite odd- basic analog subtractive (with a single VCF), auto accompaniement and lofi digital drums ala RZ-1, no sampling though. My unit is still unmodified, and I’ve been trying to multisample the instrument sounds but jeeez, it’s too noisy! I’ll probably do some minor mods to it, i.e knobs for filters, maybe a LFO and a ext. input.

Anyhow, I love them. Enjoy.

Redrum / Refill

Zipped Wav’s

How to get your music on iTunes and Spotify for free

One of the hardest parts of being a musician, at least in my opinion, is to manage to “make it” without a major record label. Sure, there is Myspace, but I wanted to find my way in to Spotify.  The thing is, to get your music there you need to be a) already famous or b) a publisher. I’m neither. I looked at various other options, some with a percentage of sales and some with a fixed monthly price, but finally settled for Record Union. I liked how it worked and I’m now one of their A&R’s. I don’t see it as my task to judge what music is good and what music isn’t, since I believe music is mainly a form of individual expression, and I kinda believe in free speech..

This is the deal: You get 85% of all royalties and revenue, and they take care of the distribution. There’s a fixed cost of $10 for every new release you release. If you follow these instructions, however, they won’t charge you for your first two releases. Note that you have to fill in the correct code in the A&R field for the free releases to work.

1: Visit Record Union.
2: Fill the form (DO NOT forget the A&R code: 424a10e1b8 ). You don’t need a PayPal account just yet.
3: Read the terms and conditions carefully. After all, it’s your music we’re talking ’bout. If you agree, sign up.
4: Check your mail for the verification email.
5: Done. Start uploading your album!

Let me know if you need any help or assistance.

If you don’t care for spotify, and rather pay a fixed price than a percentage, you could also try TuneCore

Portasound PSS-21

I have a unhealthy relationship to portasounds, or at least that’s what my girlfriend tell me. I kinda nag on her to not bring home more shoes / clothes / candles / books / records and so on, yet it’s totally ok for me to bring home a new (old) Yamaha Portasound each week. The PSS-21 is a -quite boring to be honest- standard PCM (or AWM, advanced wave memory as the clever engineers have written on it) toyish keyboard. Even though the picture above isn’t really related to the PSS-21, it still shows the never-ending happiness that keeps coming out through those small useless speakers.

No analog goodness here, even though I must say some of the drum samples seem to be based on a Roland TR-808 (?).  So- no lowpass filters, no drifting oscillators and no ‘life of its own’. Just pure Lo-Fi toy drum samples- some of them surprisingly punchy. I’ll make a new refill out of this one, but circuit-bent, once I can hold a soldering iron. Remember to n o t drive scooters into cars please, as it is not worth it.

Due to some requests, here’s two different files. #1 is *.wavs in a .zip, #2 is a .rfl. As soon as I get my PC to work I’ll make some *.sfz as well.

# 1 - Zipped *.wav (just the samples) Zip

# 2 - Reason Refill (Two Redrum kits, all the samples) Rfl

EDIT: Removed the more annoying mirror.

Siel MK370 Percussion Refill


The Siel MK370 is one of my odder flea market findings (along with my hubbard e-meter). As a synth junkie I thought I knew almost all models by the big manufacturers, and got quite surprised.Why on earth did Siel, who once made some quite neat synthesizers, sell this preset-only home keyboard with all-analog sound generation way after FM and other (like PCM) instruments had entered the market? And what is that weird serial jack on the back side? Trying to replace the already established MIDI standard, are we? Appearently also manufactured- with a different case, and probably a different PCB layout- as the Antonelli 2381.

It’s noisy, it’s distorting and it’s just odd. But, that’s how I like it. I spent a few hours sampling & looping the analog drum rhythms. 8 different rhythms, five sounds- BD, CH, OH, SD and some kinda rimshot / clave. Hopefully I’ll get around resampling and mapping the voices as well.

File 1 = zip with *.wav, for use with any sampler / sample player

File 2 = Refill with Rex-files and ReDrum-kit for use with Propellerhead Software’s Reason

Stay tuned for more! (And if you want regular updates, follow us on twitter!)

Portasound MP-1 Percussion Samples

Ok, here we go again- more samples. This time around, it’s from the Yamaha Portasoud MP-1. Like the VL-tone has a built in calculator, the MP-1 has a plotter. Perfect match for a home office, in other words!

The samples come in a Reason Refill, with REX loops of the preset rhythms as well as a ReDrum drum kit. Sadly, I can’t host files here as I have limited bandwidth- trying out different file hosting services so any feedback is appreciated. This might also be my last post for a while since I’m going into surgery tomorrow. I cut up loops, they cut up hands. Jeez.